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Valle Sagrado Verde is the vision of a group of people and institutions that seek to restore the nature of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in the Cusco region.

Why Reforest the Sacred Valley?

At first glance, the Sacred Valley is one of the most beautiful and abundant places in the world. However, a deeper look shows us the enormous damage we have caused to nature. Our rivers are polluted, the wetlands are disappearing year after year and the mountains, once abundant with flora and fauna, today are just a shadow of their former natural grandeur. Centuries of overgrazing, fire and deforestation have created a desert in many places that were abundant with life.  

Who are our Partners?

We started our work in Ollantaytambo and rely on the collaboration from local government, cultural organizations, the community government and bossinesses. It is clear that we will only succeed working together. comunidades, personas, la municipalidad, asociaciones y empresas.  Pensamos que únicamente trabajando todos juntos podremos lograr nuestro objetivo.

What Trees are we Planting?

We focus on tree species that are native to the Sacred Valley and selected those that are best adapted to the climate and ecosystem specifically the species are:

- Huaranhuay

- Chachacomo

- Molle

- Tara

Love for Pachamama

Thousands of Ecosystems one Planet!

The restoration of natural areas is a debt that humanity has with the world.

Valle Sagrado Verde was born because we are aware of the damage we have caused to the ecosystem of the area. Reforestation is a first step in giving back to the hundreds of species that have called this valley home for millennia.

We started by reforesting a slope of the Vilcanota river in the Ollantaytambo district, our goal is to achieve the same in all of the communities of the Sacred Valley from La Raya to the Pongo de Mainique.