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Payments can be made to El Albergue BCP account.

 Cuenta Corriente Soles:  285-1548057-0-25

El Albergue Girará una factura por los árboles adquiridos.  También podemos emitir Certificado de Donación a través de nuestra alianza con SePerú!

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Amigos y Amigas

Donate up to 500 trees and become a friend of Valle Sagrado Verde.

Hermana o Hermano

Contribute 500 to 2000 trees and become part of our family!

Compadres y Comadres

You are a special partner by donating 2000 to 5000 trees in the Andean tradition you are our compadre or comadre.

Madrinas y Padrinos

To be a Padrino or Madrina shows exceptional commitment and a special responsibility. By donating more than 5000 trees you have become one of our most important allies.

More than 5000 trees!!